10.6… Seriously? Seriously? Snow Leopard? Seriously?

    Okay, I seem to remember a speech that Jobs gave, where he said they can’t keep on the same development schedule for new OS’s as they have in the past. Now there’s talk of 10.6. Am I the only one that’s kind of sickened by that? Everyone seems to be all excited about it, much like they are about plurk, but I just can’t seem to get excited about it. From all the reports that are surfacing, it sounds like the update should be more of a patch then an upgrade. I’m hoping that’s why they’re sticking with the stupid leopard naming theme. At this point not much is known and the internet is having a collective “macgasm” as we speak, but sadly, this is one time where I just don’t feel the same way. I’ll tell you this much, if they get rid of PowerPC support I’m gonna be one cranky Canadian. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll be upgrading that iBook before 10.6 drops.

    Maybe I can make a Snow Leopard Rug, seriously!

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