Your Lazy Sunday Reading List – 15 Stories From This Week

Since this week is likely to end in a blur of short-term memory loss fueled by green beer and nitrate laced meat, you may want to put this in your read later client of choice for Monday morning.

Briefly put, nerds were foaming at the mouth this week when Google announced an end of life for Google Reader, and Samsung launched their newest flagship phone. Android head Andy Rubin was out at Google.

It didn’t end there either. Mac OS X got another point update — make sure you go to Software Update to grab that — and because no week would be complete without rumors about an Apple product, we saw another concept design for the iWatch.

Those are the headlines, but here are some stories you may have missed this week:

Here are some stories we recommend checking out from other sites:

  • Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams; people
    often think that Malware is limited to stealing credit cards and spam, but Ars Technica shows a creepier and more dangerous trend.
  • Cyber-espionage and the Growing New Internet Nationalism; Bruce Schneier writes for MIT Technology review about the possibility of a splintered Internet.
  • The Meaning of the Google Glass Backlash; An article that looks at why people are kind of creeped out by Google Glass.

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