What 10 Stories Are Worth Reading This Week? Try These On

To hear most of the tech press tell it, the biggest story this week is that the iPhone almost had some silly names, but actually there was some far more interesting news. In the constant battle to secure Java, Apple released another fix for Oracle’s plugin. There were grumblings that Intel may begin manufacturing Apple’s mobile A(x) processors. Heck, even Apple’s courtroom dramas continue, and some argue that the App Store was not a monopoly in a lawsuit brought by a developer.

Thought that was it? The Apple vs. Samsung slap-fight continued; this time Apple gained the upper hand in a UK decision that ruled Apple did not violate Samsung’s patents. That one doesn’t look like it’ll be ending any time soon though.

Anywho, here are some of our stories you may have missed from this week:

Here are some interesting non-Apple tech stories from around the web. They’re a great read. Check them out:

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