We’ve Got Ourselves A New Weekend Editor. Her Name, Cassandra Khaw!

We don’t really do weekend coverage. In fact, we’ve mostly avoided it throughout our entire existence. With rare exceptions here and there, reading new posts on Macgasm over the weekend was an impossibility, but then the traffic showed up.

It’s time we start taking the weekend news cycle seriously, and the first step towards all out coverage on the weekend is finding ourselves a brand new Weekend Editor. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Cassandra Khaw. Remember her name — you’re going to start seeing a lot of her on Macgasm over the weekend.

So, who is this Cassandra Khaw? Well, if you’re into reading gaming news, you’ve probably read some of her stuff on GameSutra or G4TV. If you’re not into video games, you may have read some of her tech stuff on PCWorld and TechHive.

She’s pretty awesome, and we can’t wait for her to start getting you content on the weekends. Make sure you follow her on Twitter!

Joshua is the Content Marketing Manager at BuySellAds. He’s also the founder of Macgasm.net. And since all that doesn’t quite give him enough content to wrangle, he’s also a technology journalist in his spare time, with bylines at PCWorld, Macworld… Full Bio