This Week In News, All The Good Stuff

Well, this wasn’t the biggest week ever, but the never-ending drama of the patent lawsuit took another twist. At the shareholder meeting, Tim hinted that there might be another product line soon. Which might explain why Apple fans are so keen on the company that it’s the most admired in the world. Here are some of our stories you may have overlooked:

While we always ensure that you get the best Apple coverage, there are some stories from the non-Apple world you should be reading too:

  • Protecting Power Grids from Hackers Is a Huge Challenge , MIT Review at the RSA conference explains how difficult computer security can be.
  • The true power of regular expressions, Heavy on the tech, but explains the science behind regular expressions.
  • Twitter. XKCD’s Randall Munroe explores how many possible tweets there are in the universe.
  • Messages From the Future: The Fate of Google Glass, A time traveler reminisces about the future of Google’s new device.
  • Chromebook Pixel Compared to MacBookTechnovia. Ian Betteridge of Macgasm fame reviews the Chromebook Pixel.

Finally, here is a sample of our current deals:

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