The Assets You Need On The Cheap: The Creative Design Bundle


If you’re a designer, you need assets — icons, templates, and guides. Reinventing the wheel is silly regardless of how experienced and talented you are. What about different brushes or t-shirt models for mocking up new designs? These are things that you use daily, and having a wide variety of high quality assets can let you spend your time actually designing and thereby getting paid.

That’s why we’re happy to be offering The Creative Design Bundle as our newest deal for Macgasm readers. This bundle offers over a thousand assets for creatives, and it is only $49 USD. If you went around the web, and bought each of the items in the bundle, you’d be spending $1000. Instead, you get over 1.4 gigabytes of assets all in one place for about fifty bucks.

With this purchase, you are licensing the assets for commercial, personal, non-profit and academic use. You’re free to use them in pretty much whatever project you’re working on. If you want more information, check out the Terms and Conditions. You only have two weeks to grab this bundle, so don’t wait.

What do you think? Is this right up your alley? Let us know how you like it by hitting us up at @macgasm. We only want to provide the best deals to our readers because we know you trust us. Our reputation matters, so we always want to know what you’re thinking.

Image Credit: Archibald Ballantine


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