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Whew, what a week. WWDC came and went, here’s our wrap up post of all the news. Like every year we also got Apple’s App shopping list with their design awards. The ebook trial was in full swing with both sides coming out swinging. Though you would think the rumor mill would satiated by the WWDC news, rumors reemerged about the possibility of a giant iPhone.

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  • What’s the Best Smartphone for People Who Aren’t Good with Technology?
    If you’re reading this site there’s a good chance that you’re family tech support. There are a lot of questions about what we let our family use for tech, usually because we’re the ones that have to make it work. This guide tries to pair each OS with its Luddite audience.
  • Amazon quietly launches complete 3D printing store
    Amazon opens a 3D printing store, beginning the slow move to the mainstream for the Maker’s delight.
  • LEGO Faces Trend: Angrier, Smirkier, Cooler, Nuanced
    Who knew that Lego faces could say so much about modern culture?
  • A link to the past: why Nintendo won’t make games for smartphones
    The Verge looks at why Nintendo resists making its games on other’s platforms.
  • iWork for iCloud: Not Enough
    Mac Power User/Productivity Crank David Sparks explains why the desktop iWork apps need a little love.

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