We’ve moved to Intense Debate

After twenty-four hours of our comments being borked worse then a beta version of a web app, we’ve decided to make a bit of a change and move away from Disqus. It was a hard decision to make, and I was really hoping to keep the status quo. I mean, I’d prefer to never have to change anything on the site so I can focus of doing the things that our readers appreciate–mainly bringing you articles, podcasts, and tutorials. Time spent trying to figure out glitches in a system that we have no control over is a little frustrating. We decided to move to Intense Debate. Now, I know what you’re thinking… doesn’t that open up the same kind of problems we had with Disqus in the future? Yup, but the positives outweigh the negatives. The functionality of these third party comment systems is something that should bemandatoryin all comment systems these days. It’s a lot easier to drop in a plug-in than it is to develop the plug-in from scratch.

If there is one thing this whole experience has taught me, it’s that we need a completely open login system. OpenID is on the right path, but I don’t think it’s nearly ready for the prime time.

I apologize for any issues that this may have caused over the last couple of days, and I really hope this change brings some more stability to our comments. If you notice anything funky happening, drop me an email so I can make sure we get the kinks worked out.


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