Miss Out On The News While Refreshing That WWDC Page? Catch Up With These 15 Stories

Expect the rumor mill to swing into high gear over the next month. WWDC was announced one day, and sold out in two minutes the next. It was confirmed that we would see new versions of both Apple operating systems. Apple added a page to iTunes celebrating the service’s tenth anniversary. The App Store got a less celebratory page, having added an explanation of in app purchases, and available parental controls. Also in what’s getting to be more sad than funny, there was another iCloud outage.

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Stories From Around the Web

  • 5 Reasons No One Will Use Google Glass (Explained by Google), Cracked hypothesizes that Google Glass is the next Virtual Boy.
  • BitTorrent Sync creates private, peer-to-peer Dropbox, no cloud required. You want the convenience of Dropbox without signing over your data to a company? BitTorrent Inc. has come up with a peer-to-peer solution that syncs your files between computers.
  • How Reddit became a national scapegoat. Jesse Brown refutes that idea that Reddit or any other large Internet community could be responsible for the actions of a subset of their users.
  • A QWERTY Keyboard for Your Wrist. A concept keyboard for smart watches.
  • Data Science of the Facebook World. Wolfram looks at the various ways you can model the social data they’ve collected from Facebook.

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