Make Yourself Some Coffee: Get Caught Up With These 15 Stories From The Week


Though April Fool’s day meant that a whole day of news was consumed with Google’s annual series of pranks, as well as out and out fictions by different news sites, it was actually a pretty big week of news. To start, there were a couple of rumors of Apple delays, the first being from “reliable sources” that iOS 7 is behind schedule, and engineers are being pulled that may cause delays for the next version of Mac OS X.

There was also a story later in the week that Apple’s new mothership headquarters was behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget. Tim Cook then made some serious headlines when he apologized to China, in Chinese. Browsers were big news this week as well, as Mobile Safari became the top mobile browser in the world.

Google ruffled feathers when they forked WebKit for their own engine, Blink. (Wait, I thought you were never supposed to blink?) The week closed out with Facebook’s big announcement of Facebook Home. Android users can now let Facebook take over their entire device (just kidding, sort of).

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