Macgasm Deal: Keep Your Mac Clean With The Mac VirusBarrier Bundle


Even Macs need a little bit of TLC on occasion. Yes, it is possible for them to pick up a virus. And all those bookmarks and caches can really bog a computer down. That’s why we’re excited about our new Macgasm Deal. The Mac VirusBarrier Bundle brings you two great apps that will keep your Mac running in tiptop shape.

VirusBarrier X6

This app will protect your Mac from viruses, Trojan Horses and other malware. It includes a two-way firewall as well as anti-phising and anti-spyware features.

Washing Machine 2

This app will help to clean up your computer and protect your privacy. It’ll clean up your bookmarks, caches, and cooking as well as clearing out your browsing and downloading histories. This will free up valuable space on your computer and eliminate the trail of information you leave behind you when you surf the web.

We’re offering the MacVirusBarrier Bundle for only $60 $36. That’s a 39% discount. Just in time for some spring cleaning, head on over to snag this deal on our deals page today.

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