Korea to Apple “Come to parliament and explain yourself!”

The Korean government isn’t too happy with Apple’s replacement programs for the iPhone 4, and they’re hoping that Apple can explain themselves to the Korean parliament at the end of October.

Apple will do just that on October 21, a day after their media event. An Apple executive, Farrel Farhoudi, will be present to answer any questions they might have, as well as explain the replacement process for faulty devices.

It’s alleged that South Korean iPhone users have been given refurbished phones when their devices needed to be replaced (within the 14 day replacement window), instead of providing customers with new handsets. That’s a problem for most, and I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’d be pretty annoyed about it as well, despite Apple’s positive track record for replacement phones.

If you buy a new phone, and that new phone is broken, you should be getting another new phone, not a previously loved phone.

Hopefully we don’t seen another South Korean Parliament brawl this time around.

Article Via Businessweek

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