Here Are Your Top Stories From This Week

There was some actual Apple news this week when Apple acquired WifISlam, an indoor mapping company. T-Mobile made waves when they announced the end of contracts and that they would be selling the iPhone. Final Cut Pro X got some updates, along with an updated marketing plan. It isn’t a week in Apple news without some rumors: the first being yet another possible release date and specs for an Apple TV, and another about the release date and specs of the next iPhone.

In case you missed them here are some of our features and tips from the week:

Here are some stories from around the web worth checking out:

  • MediaShift . Business Insider Just Told College Students Their Secrets of Success, Business Insider might be the most disliked site in tech, read about their journalistic philosophy.
  • Eerie streets of abandoned Fukushima town revealed in Google Maps, Google Maps sent a team to show us the current state of a Japanese town inside the Fukishima exclusion zone.
  • This is PC Gaming: Graphics Downsampling and Screenshot Culture, a look into a gaming subculture of digital photography inside video games.
  • When the Sahara is not an option: The best ways to dry out a cell phone, Ars gives a handy guide to the various ways you can repair a cell phone after it goes for a swim, along with the various success rates of each method.

Here is a sample of our deals page:

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