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Apple this week stoked the fires around the TV rumors when they purchased the company that produced Matcha, a combined search for video services. After a couple of long weeks over at Apple legal they caught a break in the App Store monopoly case, as the plaintiffs did not include specific evidence of harm. The iTunes store has some film bundles they’re selling at a discount, so go check those out. The App store guidelines have been updated for some [legal compliance] for children’s privacy laws and gambling apps. Apple expanded their third party charger program to three more countries: Canada, UK, and Australia. Finally developers out there this week got a preview of what the iOS 7 inspired version of the iCloud site will look like.

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Though this is directed more toward PC users, Mac users still could use a few of these tips. Also good for family tech support calls.

  • No, Craigslist is not responsible for the death of newspapers

Matthew Ingram at Giga OM debunks the idea that Craigslist killed the local paper.

  • A five minute Google outage equals a big dip in internet traffic

Om Malik shows that Google outages are almost analogous to Internet outages.

UCB parodies life hacking for the forever alone crowd.

Yeah I know it’s Gizmodo, but it’s Woz. I’m sure that’s offsetting penalties or something.

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