Deal: This eBook Bundle Will Help You Turn Your App Ideas Into Reality


Have you ever had a genius idea, realizing that there isn’t an app for that, at least not yet, but you were stymied by how to turn your idea into an actual app that would have you raking in the dough? If so, then this eBook bundle is for you. The eBooks in this bundle will take you through all the steps needed to turn your idea into a real app. Come up with an idea, sketch out how the app will look and work, find a development team that will create the app for you, submit it to Apple and get it on the App Store, and then just watch the money flow in. The eBooks in the bundle include:

  • How to make iPhone apps eBook
  • How to make money with free apps eBook
  • How to make iPad apps eBook

And it also comes with a standard non-disclosure agreement and sample app materials. For a limited time you can get this bundle for only $75, half of the regular price. So what are you waiting for? Pick up this bundle over on our deals page and let’s get that app into the App Store.

Image Credit: TechnoBuffalo