Deal: Get Three Great OndeSoft Apps With This Bundle


With the OndeSoft Mac Bundle, we’re bringing you three of OndeSoft’s best apps. Onde Audio Recorder lets you record voice or music from your computer. It doesn’t matter the source — microphone, CD player, or line-in devices, YouTube, iTunes or a browser — Onde Audio Recorder can grab it all and save it in any of the popular formats such as MP3, WAV, M4A and more. Then there’s Onde Clipbuddy, which does way more than your average clipboard app. That’s because besides copying and pasting, it also automatically organizes all those bits of text you just have to save. And as if those two apps weren’t enough, the bundle also includes Onde Screen Rulers. Ever wonder how big that object on your screen is? Just open this app up and a ruler pops up on your screen allowing you to measure the object in pixels, inches, picas, centimetres and more. These three apps would normally cost you $85 altogether, but we’re bringing them to you for only $34. So take a trip over to our deals page to grab this deal while you can.

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