Deal: Fine-Tune Your Photos With Inpaint And iResizer


If you like tinkering with your photos, trying to get them just right, then this deal is for you. The Inpaint & iResizer Mac App Combo brings you two great apps that will quickly become an essential part of your photo-tweaking regimen. Inpaint magically removes objects from your photos. It’ll remove that awkwardly placed object, or annoying photo-bomber, and pull in surrounding textures so that you don’t even know it’s gone. And then there’s iResizer, which lets you rescale your photos without rescaling the subject. This lets you change the spacing between different objects, remove objects altogether, or change the image aspect ratio of your photo. These two apps would normally cost you $40, but we’re bringing them to you for half that price, only $20. To pick up this app combo, head on over to our deals page.

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