Deal: Beat The Heat With iLap For Your MacBook

Is your MacBook leaving you hot and bothered in the testicle region? As convenient as it is to plop your notebook on to your lap, we all know that sometimes they get just a little too hot for our delicate nether region. That’s why iLap is such a genius product. iLap uses its lightweight aluminum body as a heat sink for your MacBook, keeping it cool. In addition to keeping your notebook, and thereby your nether regions, cool, iLap’s cushiony design will also keep you comfortable as will the way it perfectly positions your laptop to the optimal, ergonomic angle. Now, normally this great product would cost you $70, but we’re bringing it to you for only $45. So hurry on over to our deals page to grab iLap at this great price while you can. Our apologies to our international readers, this product is only available for shipping in the continental US.

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