1080p Netflix on your iPad? That’s the plan.

Got your spiffy new Retina display iPad? Want to watch your Netflix in something other than some crappy 640×480 resolution? You’re in luck. Joris Evers, Director of Corporate Communications at Netflix, told Mashable last week that “the video [on the iPad] is not in HD yet… That is on our roadmap”.

Presumably, this capability isn’t too far off. Users already have the potential on their computers, and even the new Apple TV has 1080p. As of now, Netflix is on par with competitors Hulu Plus and HBO Go, both of which have also not yet updated to HD. In fact, the only place to get your fill of high definition video on your iPad is the updated ABC app.

The only downfall with HD video streaming is the data usage, though companies disagree on exactly how much data this feature would use. According to AT&T’s data calculator, streaming 10 minutes of HD video per day (roughly 5 hours per month) would use 1.49GB of your data plan. Verizon’s calculator says that the same 5 hours of HD video streamed over 4G Mobile Broadband would use up 10GB per month. Neither calculator states whether HD video is in 720p or 1080p. Each extra GB of data will cost users an additional $10 on both services.

Source: Yahoo! News

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