Squirrel Contest Winner

After much review, the Macgasm staff have come up with a winner for our Squirrel Giveaway Contest:

Susan Murphy wins with the following entry:

“Mac is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Which is defined,
according to Wikipedia anyway, as: “Atoning for educatability through
delicate beauty” or simply “Fantastic” as Merriam Webster says.
Fitting, methinks. :-)”

Congratulations to Susan on the win. However, There were some other good and notable entries:

Ivan Leo had “Mac is _____ My Addiction to Computer (MAC).”

Christina Warren submitted: “Mac is your mom.”

And Mark Von Grey submitted: “Mac is____ a bright light which shines over a dark Vista.”

Thanks again to all of those who entered the contest.

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