Macgasm Giveaway #1: ShoveBox!

There comes a time when being a reader finally pays off. For you, dear Macgasm consumer, that time is now! The fine, fine folks at Wonder Warp Software have given us two licenses for ShoveBox — a product we here at Macgasm think is hella swell — to do with as we see fit. Well, how about we get these licenses (valued at $24.95 each) into the hands of two lucky readers? If you’re feeling our vibe, read on!ShoveBox is the ideal way to keep all your thoughts organized while you’re doing your thing — we’ve all had those images we need for later, those links, that copied text that we don’t want to create a file just to hold on to come our way. All of us have at some time or another trashed our desktop with images and files chock full of copied text that we needed tomorrow, but wouldn’t need next week, and we wanted to just keep handy for a little while.

Just me? Oh — still, I’m certain your desktop hasn’t always been as pristine as it is in the glamor shots on Flickr.

ShoveBox can help clean up a lot of that clutter, and we want to help out the person who might just get the most use out of it; we’re giving away a license to the two people who have the messiest, most cluttered desktop!

It’s easy to enter; just put a screengrab of your messy desktop into our Flickr group and tag it “My Messy Desktop”. We’ll pick the five worst, and put them up to a vote right here at The top two are the winners!

We’re going on the honor system here, folks; so don’t just trash your desktop, grab it, and clean it up. We want the real deal.

Not many restrictions: the contest is open to readers with valid email addresses. Sorry, people who write for Macgasm aren’t eligible. Also, PC users need not apply since, you know, it’s Mac software we’re giving away. Oh, and the deadline for entries is March 11, 2008 at 12:01AM UTC-4.

Good luck, and try to stay clean!

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