Griffin Clarifi Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time yet again.  To keep things simple, just click that retweet button you see on the left there, and tweet what it tells you to.  That’s phase one.  Phase Two is to add us on twitter (we need to be able to get in touch with you if you win).

This time we are giving away the Griffin Clarifi. The Clarifi is made for the iPhone 3G and will fit and work on the 3GS. The Clarifi is outfitted with a lens that you can slide over your iPhones built in camera to take clearer and sharper pictures. This is the case designed to make Evernote even more useful on the iPhone


I have had the pleasure of having a Griffin Clarifi since it came out, and it is by far my favorite iPhone case. It is also the only case that I have on my iPhone 99% of the time. It only comes off when I am traveling and I need to use my Incase Power Slider. The Clarifi is made of polycarbonate and has a lens that slides over your iPhones built in camera. This lens is really the show stealer of this case though. The lens is designed to help enhance your iPhones camera. Making images clearer and more sharp. The case was designed to work with apps like Evernote and Barcode scanning applications. Of course I got it because of Evernote. The design of the Clarifi is nice and thin, it adds very limited bulk to your iPhone and you probably wont even notice it is on there. The lens comes in handy when you want to snap a picture of a business card are a receipt. You will get a nice clear image, which is near impossible with the unenhanced built in camera. The case also offers great protection of the iPhone and allows full access to all your controls and ports. If you have a charging dock, the bottom of the clarifi will come off so you can cradle the iPhone with out removing the whole case. This to me is the most essential iPhone case made to date. It is nice and stylish while also providing great functionality and usability.

Update: Our very own Jason Hamilton pointed out on Twitter that the clarifi works well with the 3G S phone and its macro capabilities.

Winner will be selected on July 4th

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