Griffin AirCurve Giveaway!


It’s giveaway time yet again. To keep things simple, just click that retweet button you see on the left there, and tweet the message. That’s phase one. Phase Two is to add us on Twitter (we need to be able to get in touch with you if you win. We’ll wait 14 days for a response, then we’ll pick someone else).

First I want to thank Griffin Technology for supplying us with two awesome Giveaways. It is always great to get this kind of support from companies. If you want, you can even thank Griffin yourself by sending them an @reply on twitter

This round, we are giving away the Griffin AirCurve. The AirCurve is designed to work with all current iPhones. This includes the original iPhone, the 3G and the 3GS. What the AirCurve does that is so unique is it enhances the built in speaker of your iPhone to make it louder! That’s right, no wires and no batteries needed. Below is my review.

This giveaway will run until August 10th.


I purchased the AirCurve by Griffin just a few weeks after it was released. I had no clue what to even think of it. How would it improve my speaker on my iPhone? I have been pleasantly surprised, though. Now this isn’t going to give you amazing sound out of your speaker of your iPhone, but what it does do is amplify your speaker. What you get is a two-piece acrylic block that has a canal through it. The canal starts where your iPhone sits and gradually gets larger, amplifying the sound as it goes. This is one of the few things that I own two of and keep on on my desk at all times. You can run your sync cable into the AirCurve and connect it to your iPhone so you can listen to Podcasts and Audiobooks without draining your power. I have several Macs and only keep my iTunes items on one. I am not always around my iMac, so the AirCurve goes many places with me. Great for travel, and eliminates having to use your earbuds with you are just chilling in your hotel room wanting to listen to music or whatever. But remember, this isn’t going to make your iPhone sound better. If it did, this would be the Jesus product to go with the Jesus phone.

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