Giveaway: We’re Sending One Of You An AluPocket From JustMobile

We’ve teamed up with the fine folks at JustMobile to giveaway their new AluPocket, an iPhone wall mount. Don’t worry it’s compatible with all iPhone models (unless Apple ships a phablet next week).

We were planning on making you jump through a series of hoops to get in on the action, but then we realized that would mean way more work on our end, so for this one we’re just going to make you go and comment on this particular Google Plus entry and “circle” the Macgasm page there (plus one it too). If you’re already a fan, (or is it Plus-1er?) no worries we’ll automatically add you to the giveaway.

We’ll hit you up there if you win, so you better keep your eyes peeled for am message from us…