Closed:Geek Giveaway

We all know that geeks are the new black, right? Women like geeks. Forget those muscular football players and the chiseled faces of the hot movie stars. I am here to tell you a little secret: Women dig big brains. Some male geeks have already discovered this secret but a lot of you are still polishing your techniques. Before the explosion of technology, a lot of guys who had to rely on their brains to get women would use things like the infamous “mix tape.” We are forever grateful to a hot geek who can fix our computer, hook up our wireless network, and sync our iPod without blinking. Of course, many of us can do these things for ourselves, but what’s the point in admitting this when we can find a cute, geeky Mac addict to do it for us?

So here is your opportunity to tell us your best geek pick-up line. “Got Mac?” just isn’t that original, really. Any geek with a big brain knows that creativity, combined with individual wit and humor, goes a long way. And who says this is limited only to men? Come on all you female geeks, surely you have a few witticisms up your sleeve (or stored in your iPhone) to impress those not-so-geeky men.

Leave your submissions in the comments, along with your email address and website address (if you have one). Originality and sense of humor will go a long way. In fact, our comments section will accommodate Seesmic videos, so put your geek talents to work. The summer TV schedule is a little slow right now, so video entertainment is desperately needed.

We will select two winners from the submissions (and I’m not above taking bribes from the cuter geeks but I can’t speak for the male members of the crew here). The winners will receive an iPod case of their choice from Fabrix Cases. We will also choose 5 submissions to be made into t-shirts that will be offered to Macgasm readers in the future.

Get your geek on. The contest runs through July 25, 2008, with the winners announced on July 31, 2008.