1112: A Day in the Life of Louis Everett [Supergasm Giveaway]

1112 ($1.99) is a fun adventure game in which you play Louis Everett, an ordinary guy with an ordinary day. Your mission: to go through a day in the life of Louis, completing tasks that aren’t incredibly adrenaline-rushing, such as gathering car keys, taking medications, and fixing a boiler.

You do these things by touching certain items on the screen and interacting with them. You can move a painting, admire yourself in a mirror, open a drawer, or swallow a pill, among hundreds of other possibilities. Therefore, this game doesn’t get too boring, though there’s frustration to be had if you can’t figure out what the next possible step is.

You’ll absolutely need to familiarize yourself with the controls before you start the game — it’s impossible to know what to do if not (though you could try!) But once you’re in, you’re in.

This game is only “episode 1,” and if you know all the next moves, it can feel rather short. That’s probably why there’s a seemingly unlimited number of actions you can perform on the items in every room you go into — so that the gameplay doesn’t seem to end that quickly. Hey, they’re doing it right.

Overall, the game does deliver a lot of interesting possibilities as I see how Louis interacts with the items in his surroundings. My one problem was that the iPod didn’t always react to the touch — I’d be putting my finger zoomed-in on the soap and get the towel behind me. The proper aim is crucial.

While there’s no plot to the game, it’s still a fun one to play — it’s unparalleled to anything else I’ve seen on the iPhone, that’s for sure, and kind of reminds me a little of GTA4.

Giveaway: I have 9 codes for 1112 for 9 commenters. All you gotta do is write something in the comments. Easy? Yeah, I thought so too. :)

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