Revamped Google Maps Rolling Out To Android Devices Today, Coming Soon To iPad

| Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Google announced a major update to Google Maps, which is already available in the Google Play Store and is expected to arrive in the App Store soon. The new Google Maps makes exploring the world and finding where you need to go much faster and easier. The company also announced that it will be bringing Google Maps to iPad for the first time since it was released in December for the iPhone.

The new Google Maps builds on the design that was released for iPhone last December, and includes some useful search and navigation features. Google’s blog outlines the new additions to Google Maps quite nicely. These include:

Google also announced the end of Latitude and check-ins for Google Maps.  Instead, location sharing and check-ins have been added to Google+ for Android, and will be coming soon to iOS.  My Maps has also been excluded from this release, but will return to future versions of the app.

When it’s released for iOS, Google Maps will work with devices running iOS 6 and higher.

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