Tip: How To Fix Apple iOS 6 Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connectivity Issues On iPhone Or iPad

| Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Usually when you upgrade the software on your device, you expect it to work better. Unfortunately for some iPhone 4S and iPad users, they’ve been experiencing issues with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity after downloading iOS 6.

AppleInsider‘s Mikey Campbell was tipped off to this when he came across a 91-page thread on Apple’s Support Communities webpage.

[quote]Forum members report that after upgrading to iOS 6, both the legacy iPhone 4S and new iPad are experiencing disabled Wi-Fi connectivity that leaves the option to connect “grayed out.” The issue appears to be affecting Bluetooth capabilities as well, with some users claiming their units are unable to pair or even recognize other devices, and show the spinning “search wheel” indefinitely.[/quote]

Users have reportedly contacted Apple, and they say the company is aware of the problems. If you are experiencing the same issues, you can try one of the following:

Personally, I HAVE noticed issue with connectivity when trying to connect my iPhone 4S to the Bluetooth in my car. I managed to momentarily fix it by manually going into my phone settings and re-calibrating it that way. But, I’ve had to do it every time, which is pretty annoying.

Update: It also seems that changing your DNS to manual servers like OpenDNS or Google’s DNS servers fixes the problem.

Source: Apple Insider  
Image Credit: Today’s iPhone

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