Digg Site Now Completely Redesigned Alongside New App For iOS

| Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Six weeks ago, the new Digg team at Betaworks announced it was doing a complete redesign of its social media website. True to its word, the Digg site has finally been re-launched with a completely new design, switching to editorial content. Alongside this redesign, a new iPhone app has also launched.

The new Digg site is faster and smoother with a more user-friendly interface. It features images and headlines from content all over the Internet that is submitted by users. Users now vote on content with Digg taking retweets and Facebook shares into account to determine an overall top story.

Previously, votes moved content up the page, but now editors have the option to place content on the page that they think is appropriate. The staff at Digg stated in their blog that more features will be coming to the site in the coming weeks and months. Some of the features they are working on include:

Alongside the newly redesigned Digg website, the company has released a new iPhone app with new features so you can still get the best stories while on the move, including:

Head over to the App Store to get the Digg app for your iPhone, so you can start “digging” through the best media stories on the web any time you’re out and about.

Source: ModMyi and Apple

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