Netflix Updates iOS User Interface

| Thursday, May 31st, 2012


Michael Spiegelman and Chris Jaffe, the guys leading up the mobile versions of the Netflix streaming player, just posted on the official Netflix blog about the latest update to their iOS app.

In the 2.2 release, available right now in the App Store, they focused on refining the user interface. They’re unifying the look and feel of the browsing mode across their mobile platforms, which could either end up being very good or very bad. If we end up with vague, generic design instead of iOS-optimized design, the quality could certainly plummet to Android levels. The bigger, wider-spaced video controls are certainly a welcome tweak, though. Also updated, the scrub bar now shows thumbnails as you scroll, and subtitles and audio selection are now easily accessible from the player interface. Nothing to complain about there.

If you’re a Candian Netflix fan, you also gain a “Do not share” setting to prevent the app from spamming your Facebook account. Mazel tov!

Official Release Notes:

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