One Hundred Legit Reasons To Jailbreak, All In One Video

| Monday, April 2nd, 2012

It’s a question that plagues every new owner of an iOS device. Should I, or should I not jailbreak it? I, for one, had a process for each iOS device I bought. Bring it out the box, jailbreak it, then load my apps and customize the mess out of it. But that has changed. I haven’t jailbroken anything in nearly a year. However, after watching this video by JailbreakMatrix, which compiles 100 reasons to jailbreak you iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad into just under 4 minutes, I had reason too once again.

Some of my favorites:

So have you jailbroken your device yet? If not, have any of the 100 reasons noted in the video moved you to join the 10 million+ existing jailbroken users?

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