App Store has 300,000 apps and counting

| Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

As of the 16th, Mobclix has reported that Apple has blown through the 300,000 barrier for the number of apps on the App Store. The number is pretty staggering, although Apple has not officially confirmed it. It is predicted that Apple may announce a 275,000 app figure at tomorrow’s Back to the Mac event. have some interesting stats, namely:

If we think of the numbers in real terms, and consider the number of apps we actually have on our devices, then we can put it into some kind of perspective. I think of myself as a pretty big app user (see image left for one of my game screens), and have over a thousand easily – a huge percentage of those are not worth the download, and I think this could be representative of the number of apps on the store. As it continues to grow, this may become a larger problem as good apps have to fight for a spot on the first few pages of the App Store. For me, the current means of navigation through what is on there isn’t good enough. I patiently wade through pages and pages of apps, but most people wouldn’t. Showing 180 apps at a time isn’t really working.

Whether there is currently 300,000 or not isn’t really that relevant. What is worth watching are the predictions of Apple selling as many as 45 million iPads in 2011. The more devices they sell, the greater the demand for apps will be. I hope the developers that are currently making awesome apps continue to do so. There are some real gems on the App Store.

Navigating through 180 apps at a time on the App Store is going to take you a while.

How many apps do you keep on your device? Do you have any apps that you find yourself using a lot more than the others? How often are you getting new apps? Is 300,000 enough – or do you want more?

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