Pulse News Reader For iPhone

| Thursday, July 1st, 2010

This much anticipated app is now available in the Apple App Store. Now we have both an iPad and and iPhone version of the very slick Pulse News Reader.

That said, I made a promise in my original post referencing this release. “If this isn’t offered as a universal app, I’m going to have a huge problem.” Well, I have a huge problem.

I’ll still give the app some press here, by talking up the included features:

I’m sorry Alphonso Labs – I just can’t see paying again for an app that I own already on my iPad? Is the a good reason, outside of a cash grab, behind this decision?

If, by chance, you readers do want to get this app, which actually does look slick and if it meets the user experience levels of the iPad version, it could be nice – head over to the App Store here and give ’em your $2.99.

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