Classy Up Your Room With This iPhone/iPad Gramophone Dock

Technology is getting crazy. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to go out and buy a piece of technology that doesn’t have an LCD touchscreen stapled on to it somewhere. Those looking to balance out their futuristic dwellings with some vintage flare should take a look at these iPhone and iPad Gramophone docks.

The dock doesn’t require any power to run; it simply amplifies the device’s sound just like a gramophone. The base is constructed from solid walnut and ensures that this product will bring a slice of elegance to even the most visually vulgar room. The horn itself is constructed from iron and brass.

There is an iPhone version that sells for $249.99 and one for the iPad that’s $299.99. The docks will work with all iPad and iPhone models, including the iPhone 5, except for the iPad mini. So, not really all devices… liars.

While Steve Jobs may design a pretty product, nothing beats the curves on this 1800s masterpiece of design brought to life by Thomas Edison.

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