WWDC Registration Opens. Updated: …Annnnnd Closed.

WWDC Registration Opens. Updated: ...Annnnnd Closed.

Registration for Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, known better as WWDC, has opened. The event will be held in San Francisco this June 11-15 and will showcase new software and tech from Apple as well as offering hands-on workshops and sessions. This is a pretty big deal to developers for iOS and OS X: It’s where Apple drops most of the big news of the year (especially since they stopped attending Macworld Expo) and is limited to roughly 5,000(ish) attendees.

Tickets may weigh in at a heavy $1599. Apple will have no problem clearing these out (and, in fact, has capped tickets to five-per-organization). If you’re thinking of going to this event (and many of you are), bear in mind what Jon Gruber of DaringFireball said about registration: “Three years ago it sold out in a month. Two years ago it took 10 days. Last year it took 12 hours. So, if you want to go, I wouldn’t eff around.”

Except he didn’t say “eff”.

Update: Considerably shy of last year’s 12-hour record, this year’s WWDC is now sold out. If you wanted to go, hope you didn’t eff around.

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